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AVG Secure Browser

AVG Secure Brovser is a web browser with integrated security and privacy; With Chromium technology, it is suitable for anyone who wants to experience extraordinary bandwidth while protecting confidential information from hackers, fraud, and viruses. Security experts design this by considering security and sensitivity; users can expect an unknown and easy-to-use interface that allows them to surf the Internet without worry; It does not require installation, configuration or other complex settings in your browser settings. This is just a small but powerful application that should be a great addition for anyone;

The company's privacy feature AVG Technologies works hard to protect users from fingerprints. This includes fingerprint removal mode, anti-tracking and invisible modes. Together they made a separate browser that prevented websites, targeted advertisements, and other web services from monitoring any online activity. This means that browser user history, cache images, cookies and spam files will be deleted, maintaining complete confidentiality and larger disks; (function () {('review-page-page-desktop');}); Users can choose to enable AVG Secure VPN integration. This application is a military grade encrypted VPN with a 256-bit AES level. As an additional layer of protection, users can feel safe from prying eyes and getting access to content that is not available;

Navigate with Superfill Like the Chrome-based Chrome browser, AVG uses the latest web technology, offering exceptional flexibility. Allows the user to choose to pause all ads or only bad ads. The result is a perfect and cleaner browsing experience. If these steps are present, users can expect the page to load four times faster than popular platforms like Chrome and; Security Real-time users can always rely on AVG to recognize and stop suspicious behavior. Provides protection against browser extensions, dangerous websites, and downloads that can cause data breaches or phishing scams. This means that passwords, personal information and other personal information can only be seen by users and AVG. In fact, this search engine can even automatically create and fill credentials for most sites. But the salient features of other secure browsers are iFlash Protect; Banking Mode protects important financial details on online banking sites. Flash Protect, on the other hand, blocks Flash-based content to prevent the use of valuable computing resources. Users can choose to display certain content, but most AVG will block websites using Adobe; Compact but powerful tool Users can generally use AVG Secure Brovser whenever they want to surf the Internet safely. Even at 400MB, it offers all the features needed so users don't have to worry about personal data and accounts;