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Baraha is an Indian word processor software for typing Indian language on computers. It also works with standard programming languages. Built for major Indian languages used today, this productivity software allows users to professionally write every document in their native language.

Unified Typing System for IndiaBaraha was first released in January 1998 by Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekhara with its name meaning writing in Kannada. The first iteration allowed Kannada-speaking users to operate with computers. However, later versions added major Indian languages. It helped both beginners and experts to prepare documents in the Indian language. The app jump-started the usage of the Indian language in computers where the English language is dominant. Baraha is also a tribute to the novelist, A. N. Krishna Rao or Anakru. Version became a paid version, but it was necessary for its longevity in the writing industry. It also enabled updates, new features, and support for Unicode fonts.

(function() { ('review-app-page-desktop'); });Complex Word Processing FeaturesAs mentioned, Baraha supports every major Indian language, including Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, and Tulu. These major languages are spoken not only in India, but also in Nepal, United States, Mauritius, Fiji, and South Africa. The app knows that one of the challenges in the Indian language for computers is the keyboard layout. There are too many keyboard layouts based from antiquated typewriter designs which are no longer supported by modern computers since most modern computers conform with the standard QWERTY ;The word processor provides a transliteration scheme and a phonetic keyboard design which allows users to input the Indian language with a standard English keyboard. It streamlines the process of switching between Indian and English language as most Indian language software used True Type fonts or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ;Before, Windows and Linux introduced Indian language software with Open Type fonts or Unicode encoding. Baraha includes text conversion between ANSI and Unicode encoding offering optimal language conversion between Indian languages. It utilizes the Brahmi script and common code to accommodate every Indian language. The app offers file exporting in various formats, such as ANSI, Unicode, Rich Text Format, and HTML. It helps document become readable and compatible in any platforms. Baraha comes with extra features, such as BarahaPad editor, BarahaIME, Braille script, FontConvert, and Latin Indian Language WritingBaraha is a powerful word processor for writing with the Indian language. The app gives access to native speakers in the information age. With its help, users can have professionally-prepared documents with compatible encoding formats. Every Indian language is supported for convenient text conversion.