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The free MicrosoftDirectX multimedia APIs are a free collection of APIs (interactive software programs) for software images and audio. This allows developers, mostly game developers, to easily create fully functional Windows games. Most users won't even notice that DirectX works, it only works when needed, without notifying you. Otherwise, interaction with it is more complex and requires a voice and image control software tool (function () {('preview-app-page-desktop');}); DirectX is a technical tool that helps game developers interact with sound cards and images. Although it can be installed on any computer, most users do not need it. It works during a game developed by DirectX and all. You just have to be more discriminatory with the help you provide to other people. This is one of the best processes in this community. What is DirectX used for? DirectX is a set of Windows interactions. The developers of the DirectX API program, which allows their programs (often games) to interact precisely with audio and map cards. For their part, manufacturers of sound and graphics cards recognize DirectX, so they know what to do when the software developed by DirectX is turned off. IT IS! Already have DirectX? Because DirectX does not have an interface like other programs (for example, it does not appear in the list of programs), you will need to get more technical verification that it is already installed on your computer. To verify, follow these steps: Click Start, click Run type dxdiag, click OK on the System tab, and select the version of DirectX that appears on the DirectX version bar. In different tabs, check the version information of each DirectX file when finished. To view the versions of the file, click Quit DirectX Installation. If you find that DirectX is not installed on your computer (or a very old version), you will need to download DirectX again to use it. The download is easy and as expected: download and run .exe as usual. Installation is slow, which can be frustrating, and check the app tries to configure Bing during installation. IT IS! How do I open the DirectX control panel? Because DirectX is not a standard application, you cannot open it normally. Instead, click Start and type dxdiag in the field. The computer will ask you if you want to run DirectX. The window that opens is the traditional Windows interface. All the data they provide is just information - lots of information about your system, display settings, services and provisioning drivers, audio information, and current input devices. You cannot interact with this information - there is an error window, and if you prepare and make a mistake, an error will appear. Go back and correct it and the error will disappear. Who needs DirectX? There are two situations where you may need DirectX. If you play games on your PC that require DirectX. You may already have it. If you are developing software that requires voice access and image maps, you may also need DirectX.

It is worth noting that DirectX is not the only such device.There are other APIs that interact with cameras, and many are more sophisticated. You can compare this to legitimate software like Runtime. This has been said, whether you are playing or announcing certain games or on a computer. Some (maybe old) may need a modern DirectX technology tool, a complex piece of technology that has been around for many years and is still powerful. The graphics and sound technology works well (that's why it fits, even though it is very old), and the interface is very useful, although it is very old. However, most of us will never see it; If you don't have a plan, they will never see it or even open it because it will run inadvertently. DirectX is not the type of software you want or don't want. If you need it you will need to install it and it is a good and painless experience. Recent changes The latest version of DirectX improves Windows 10 compatibility and adds Shading Flash (VRS) compatibility. Other recent releases have added support for DirectX Raytracing, Expanded Border Surveys, and planned MSAAs.