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Doctor Sleep 2019

Danny Thorens is a middle-aged man in the United States who abandons his father's alcoholism, which is passed on to him to forget the Shining incident. After landing in a small town in Massachusetts and with the help of cats, he became a sleep doctor. After meeting a young woman with the strongest Danes she has ever seen, she now has to face the demons and demons to save her from the terrible evil known as the True Knights.

In the years after the Final Event, an adult and Thorens must protect a girl with the same power from a cult known as the True Knot, which takes advantage of children with the power to remain immortal. Director: Mike Flanagan Author: Stephen King (based on a novel by), Mike Flanagan (screenplay) Star: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kylie Quran | Along the roads of the United States, a group of people known as The True Knot travel for food. They look harmless, mostly old, very polyester and married to their mobile homes. But as Dan Thorens knows, and in the midst of studying Abram Stone, the true knot is a simulated life of "steam" produced by "bright" children when it is abused slowly. Harassed by the occupants of the Preview Hotel, where a terrifying childhood passes, Dan travels for decades, drastically eliminating his father's legacy of despair, alcohol and violence. Finally settled in the city of New Hampshire, the AA community supported her and worked in a nursing home, where her "resplendent" power provided her with the greatest comfort for death. With the support of an ancient cat, she became a dream doctor. Then Dan found Abraham Stone's silver and it was a glorious gift, the bright light he had seen, woke up the same demon Dan and called him in the battle for Abra.