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Home Alone 1990

An eight-year-old problem solver has to protect his house from burglary when, unfortunately, he is home alone with his family during the Christmas holidays. supervisor: Chris Columbus writes: John Hughes Stars: Culkin Macaulay, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern | It's Christmas and the McCallister family is getting ready for a holiday in Paris, France. But the youngest person in the family, Kevin, was in contact with his older brother Buzz and was taken to his room on the third floor of his house. Then the next morning, when another family rushed to get to the airport on time, they completely forgot Kevin, who is now home alone. Being home alone was fun for Kevin, getting pizza for himself, jumping on the parents' couch, and making a mess. Then Kevin finds two robbers, Harry and Marv, who rob their house for Christmas. Kevin acts quickly by burning his own house with robbery traps that must be stopped to prevent theft and to be brought to justice.

A year after Kevin McCallister was left alone and forced to win a high profile robbery, he was unfortunately in New York - far from the same criminals. supervisor: Chris Columbus writes: John Hughes (Characters), John Hughes Stars: Culkin Macaulay, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern | Kevin McCallister is back. But this time, he's in New York City because he has enough money and credit cards to make the Big Apple a playground. But Kevin is not alone for long. Famous gangsters Wet, Harry and Marv, who are still curious about their last meeting with Kevin, are also bound to New York with a big note! Kevin is ready to welcome you and the battery outside the game hooks will not forget the explosive traps!