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The unofficial Facebook chat application for PCMessenger for the desktop allows you to chat with Facebook chat directly from your computer. This unofficial third-party computer client is a social and communication tool designed to resolve issues related to trying to access Messenger without opening a social media page at ((function {('review-page-page-desktop');}); Installing this application is a simple and quick process. When you first run the desktop software, you will be asked to enter your Facebook login credentials. This third-party application mimics the look and feel of the web-based version. While not exactly unique, it’s a good thing because it’s available to the latest users. If you know yourself Anyone who has used Facebook Messenger for Android, iPhone or web will find this app very similar. All the features of the Facebook Messenger mobile app are included, and the design is similar. If you had ever talked via Facebook, there would have been no learning curve at all. The interface is well known and all options are in the same place with the same icon. All your data and standard Facebook features are automatically imported. Full screen chat Facebook Messenger always opens chat on the web in small windows. These things are hard to bear, especially when you have an urgent delivery order. Using desktop software is much easier to handle. You can talk in full screen or resize the window if you are performing different tasks. In progress with Messenger on your desktop, you can select original notifications so you always know when someone is trying to contact you. When you receive a message, it will appear in the corner of the sender and preview information screen. This is great for people who keep working on their computer and don’t want to bother checking their cell phones or opening up networks on a web browser. All the features that Desktop messenger offers are all the features for mobile and web. Send audio messages at the touch of a button, as long as the microphone is activated. The software also supports voice and video calling These features are easy to find and be available to anyone familiar with the Facebook interface. Send photos and videos Add fun to your chat by sharing pictures and videos of your favorite moments throughout the day. You can also add stickers, emojis and more so you can express yourself easily. With this application, you can send GIFs, pictures, videos and other files. Almost all supported video formats include .avi, .asf and .3g2. Not only is the connection faster on your computer, so file delivery will be faster, but you can also transfer media directly from the file viewer without the need to transfer. Group chat Manage and create group chat directly from the desktop. As with Facebook Messenger, you can initiate group conversations about different sub-events, events and interests and invite up to 250 members to join. Once the group is set up, you can even make video or audio calls with up to 50 contacts at a time. It is a great feature to keep in touch with colleagues, family and friends. Incognito chat One great thing about this app is that other people can't see it while typing or while reading their messages. If you’re a shy keyboard key, that’s a great thing. For anxious recipients, this can be a major drawback. In our opinion, that's great, especiallyif you are in a fierce conversation. Alternative If you are looking for various free messenger applications for Windows, you should consider downloading WhatsApp or Telegram. It won’t send messages via Facebook, but it’s a great desktop app for cell phones without borders. With this tool, you can chat with any of your Facebook connections without the need for a web browser. It is useful for those who often use messenger. For these users, the program will be considered useful because of the original desktop notifications and common interfaces. This application is recommended because it has all the advantages of a web messenger, without any disadvantages. The latest version is compatible with all Windows 10 computers, and is also available for iOS.