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Microsoft Office 2010

The download button for this application refers to the latest version of Office. You can also find the Premium version and do your best work with Office Solid Final (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');});

I tested the technical preview and beta version from last month and fortunately I found a number of new features and improvements in the final version. For starters, the Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business package includes five applications, namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. If you need to test more Office applications, try Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus.

The truth is that Microsoft Office 2010 has features that are almost the same as what we saw in the technical preview, if we ignore the changes. For example, the Word context menu has greatly improved and shows you real time changes as you browse various options. You can now add videos to your PowerPoint presentation, delete unnecessary messages from conversations in Outlook, and insert small color charts into cells in an Excel worksheet. There are also tools for translating text, creating and using screenshots, and applying special effects to images that you use in your documents. In addition, Microsoft Office 2010 allows you to save your documents to SkyDrive and share them online with just two clicks.

In terms of performance, Microsoft Office 2010 seems to be as fast and easy on system resources as a technical example. This is a significant improvement over time the application suite needs to be launched and how it behaves when working with your documents.

Some changes to remember

In terms of appearance, all Microsoft Office 2010 applications have changed a bit. They still maintain the "tape" interface with a much clearer, almost minimalist style, but the Office button has been renamed "File" and now displays a different panel. This not only provides direct access to all information related to the document, but also displays detailed information about the document that you are working on.

Smooth and tight

Overall, Microsoft Office 2010 is an excellent productivity suite with fantastic new features that make it easier and more comfortable to use, and also makes it a more professional solution for daily work.

Easy to use and very useful

With Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business, you can test new versions of the most popular productivity packages in the world.

Microsoft Office 2010 supports the following formats DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, MDB, ACCDB, PUB, RTF, TXT, HTM, JPG, PNG, TIF, EMF, WMF, XML, WRI, ODT, ODP, ODS, WMV, AVI, PDF