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Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed ​​Rivals offers an action-packed street fight for players. Players roam the streets of the fictional town of Redview County as speed addicts or law enforcement officers, allowing them to switch between two sides of the law, climb career ladders, and unlock new cars and technical toys. (function () {('review-application-page-desktop');}); Action is racing on two screens In an emergency for speed rivals, there are only two types of runners: hunter and hunter. A player can create a great career on both sides of the law. Players compete in exotic racing machines, compete against each other in illegal street races, clock competitions or flights for ongoing police patrols. Every time you play, you can challenge other drivers in the open world race. This also applies to other players on people in public sessions or private races between friends. The online and online modes of Need for Speed ​​Rivals merge seamlessly. Runners go at full speed! The in-game rewards in Need for Speed ​​Rivals take the form of Fast Points (SP). The longer you keep your winning series, the higher the multiplier and the more points you collect. If you do not get the points safety on time, you can lose it forever. If you lose the race, you go home empty-handed. The same happens if you are caught by the police or your vehicle is destroyed. If he loses from a human player, the winner gets points. Therefore, players must carefully consider whether they want to compete at all with the risk of a high multiplier or whether it is better to collect points. The driver can unlock new vehicles by increasing the ranking based on the number of races won. The car must be purchased at speeds. The same points should be used to tune the engine to improve steering or create visual accents such as stripes, racing colors or stickers. The police take the ram for a ride Policemen chasing runners in Need for Speed ​​Rivals are certainly not harmless. They also have access to fleets. Unlike drivers, they don't have to buy new cars. They are available as soon as the desired range is reached. However, these cars cannot be adjusted. Officers earn speed points for successful pursuits. Alternatively, they must go clockwise to their destination, unable to touch the road restriction or collide with other vehicles. Otherwise there is a time penalty. Hunters and hunters rely on technology To combat street crimes effectively, police officers have lanes, roadblocks, streetblocks and helicopters. The reaction of runners to them is many attack weapons or they can start the turbo and leave the police in the dust. There are limitations on both sides: you must purchase new technical toys for each vehicle that cannot fit more than two at a time. During Need for Speed ​​Rivals, the team becomes stronger and the arsenal extends to other devices. The second screen With the free app you can follow the iPhone, iPod or iPad Need for Speed ​​Rivals, score points Learning, friendships and career challenges. Or you can start with small challenges for in-app mini games. Despite all the good points, the second screen loses points due to a noticeable delaywhen loading. Good Arcade style address In terms of control, Need for Speed ​​Rivals only makes minor changes to Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. Arcade Racer places more emphasis than simulation realism. The yawing tires scream when you step over the fork, turn the hand brake to the side. You can operate the entire keyboard if you wish, but you must change the default key assignments. However, it is much better to play Need for Speed ​​Rivals with the gamepad, which displays small directional movements much easier. Artificially driven drivers, at least in the first phase of the game, relaxed a bit and allowed players to catch up (even after a few accidents). On the contrary, an experienced virtual driver cannot be captured that quickly.

Beautiful graphics and animated music, but difficult multiplayer Visually, Need for Speed ​​Rivals is certainly not naked. Cars go straight from the clear brochures until they are involved in collisions. The injury model shows significant injuries to the body. However, the permanent destruction of the vehicle requires some effort. And the landscape presents itself well. Redview County offers a good mix of mountainous parts, cities, forests and desert areas. Rain, ice and falling leaves, as well as the change between day and night, are an excellent visual variety. The need for Speed ​​Rivals music and powerful sound effects are two other nice details. Professional voice artists are responsible for a well-spoken dialogue. However, the effectiveness of the network server is less convincing. Delays cause wild jumps from other players' vehicles that sometimes disappear from scratch and deviate along the track. Conclusion: pure career promotion! Need for Speed ​​Rivals is very similar to the two previous versions (Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted 2). Some may say that it is a bit boring, but it really isn't. Rivals compress games for the core of exciting racing action, well-combined arcade handling, impeccable graphics and a fun soundtrack. In addition, a great network system that blurs the difference between the online and offline content of the Need for Fast Rivals. The annoying delays in multiplayer games, on the other hand, somewhat obscure the good image and fuel the desire of players to have more powerful servers. Personally I would like to see challenges among friends, because it would be a perfect game in Burnout Paradise.