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If you or a mathematical thesis includes highly complex linear and nonlinear problems, you may find that Octave provides the power you are looking for a high-level language developed by open source, which acts only on the command line to solve dostarczanieInterfejslinear and nonlinear problems in number. For those who are familiar with the Matlab, they will not have any problems with the collection of octave, because it works with the first (function () {( "app-review-page desktop");}); In principle, the program includes several very powerful types narzędzirozwiązywaćlinear algebraic equations, even the most experienced propagowałyby mathematics in the spine. According to the developers, it also contains functions for changing polynomials and integration of differential equations and differential-algebraic, if you know, ZETO is the first place!One bonus for those who know other languages, that Octave can be extended or used in conjunction with modulyamynapysanav C ++, C, Fortran and very complex language that only those who are familiar with Matlab or Fortran, quickly raise all others must byćJesteśmy ready to add many hours, although skillssolutions to problems that you are giving, it seems almost limitless,