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The best addition and polishing of the Pro Evolution SoccerPro Evolution series is a football game developed and published by Konami's video game chief. Despite the news that Konami is blocking development for all three A-hearts except Pro Evolution football, many are directing this commitment to this developer. Pro Evolution Soccer is another element of this sports column. Is it What does it take to make Konami fit despite the changes in their business model?

The new and new features of the Pro Evolution football column have always provided players with a superior imitation experience while remodeling football and video games. Unlike games like Football Manager, you can actually control the characters on the field and control their movements like walking, passing and {work () {} 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 takes this hall and makes it even better. Evolutionary football is always great in photography and control, PES 2019 addresses these aspects by adding better adaptive systems and more graphics and larger graphics. Unlike previous claims, PES 2019 gives players more freedom in a movement that makes it more realistic, and 2019 has also improved what they call a single Magic Moments player where thanks to the addition of 11 new skill sets, including uncontrollability. , the control loops, upgrades and fun extras of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 are David Beckhams included in the PES 2019 myClub player You can find David Beckham on their team even though his involvement is limited depending on the game version. Players can also find Philippe Coutinho, a payment agent, and more at the PES 2019 Extension PES Franchise Edition built with open play. It was not intended to be played as a standard RPG and story line. Instead, it offers endless games thanks to many players and games online. Unfortunately, the PES 2019 online campaigns are clearly better than the online partners. Soft movements and animations on offline campaigns are replaced by problems and connection problems when trying out online games. Many players have trouble playing myClub mode and other items online because the connection to the server is lost. For players who love offline campaigns, this may not be the culprit. However, since the main attraction is the competitive online game, the high level of offline games reduces the potential for PES 2019. Nor will the price of the game get too high.

The addition of SiriPro Evolution Soccer 2019 has everything that could be a great addition to old PES games. It has realistic images as well as robust control and smooth movement. It has a bit of a problem when it comes to online campaigns and it doesn't star like FIFA games. However, it is still a very refined game.