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PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds) is probably one of the biggest and most popular Battle Royale games. It is easy to attach to it, especially because of its fast-paced and unpredictable gameplay. The game puts 100 players against each other. Marne is on an island full of weapons and other conventional defenses, not to mention the other rival players she hopes for. PUBG Mobile is easily the strongest fan. At the start of the turn, the airplane drops all the participating players on the island, where the only way is to either be cleared or become the only survivor. You have to admit that winning against so many players seems almost impossible. If you're just starting out on the battlefield, you probably have a downside because you don't know what to expect. PUBG cards are huge and have areas that can be used strategically for defense or that can leave you vulnerable to attack. Abandoned buildings, houses, warehouses and factories are also found everywhere. Weapons are scattered throughout, as are armor and portable equipment that can reduce enemy damage and impact (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');}); Getting to know and getting used to these things is a bit difficult, especially if PUBG is fast. The rules and mechanics of the game are pretty simple, if you look at it at face value. Attack, hit and survive. However, there are more threats to your life than you think. Your enemies can always follow you with shooters, silencers, unusual masks and even monster cars! There is also a narrower safety zone that will leave you dead if you are caught outside. This is because the playing field is shrinking in minutes, so you will eventually meet other players, so there is no reason to hide and stay in one place unless it is conveniently located in the safety zone. Are you lucky! It's good to get through all your attacks, but if you want to be the last man to stand, you need to define and plan your strategy. Let us tell you that PUBG is fun, addictive and incredibly stimulating. It's not that easy to win, but if you do, it's definitely worth it on your computer. It's only fair that players can enjoy PUBG on any of their available platforms, and Tencent Games thinks so too! In response, Tencent is introducing an emulator that allows PUBG fans to play the game on Windows. To improve things, you can also play other action games on Tencent emulator like Mobile Legends and Auto Chess. You won't forget PUBG updates and events, even when you're away from your mobile device. To make things better you can enjoy the game on a bigger and bigger screen! Control is also simple and easy to learn so you don't have to adjust to the best survival game unnecessarily. PUBG has a lot to offer. In addition to action and excitement, he also allows himself to be creative so that players don't get bored. Other game modes even include zombie attacks where you have to defend yourself from the living and the dead. With PUBG you are in place, but the winnings have never gone so well until you have the experience of winning over a hundred other players.