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Rufus is a special software that can be used to create bootable USB flash drives. The software promises to be versatile and easy to use and is available for free download and use of Find In addition to USB flash drives, Rufus can be used to create other types of software like keys. USB, memory boards, pen drives and other ways to store and transfer data. People who don't use this kind of software may find it takes a while to think and the lack of help files makes it a good idea to contact a technology friend. However, once USB-enabled capabilities of any kind can create almost none (function () {('preview-app-page-desktop');}); USB at your fingertips if looking for a way to repair their USB boot drivers need to make sure they take the time to put Rufus through its steps quickly. However, keep in mind that this software is only compatible with Windows and anyone using a different operating system needs access to another program to do this work.