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Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and is the default browser on Apple devices. Its only available for Mac and iOS, but even with the exclusivity, Safari is considered one of the best browsers around in terms of performance. It has fierce competition with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla s Got Your BackApples signature feature for all its products is the tight security, and Safari doesnt lag behind with that claim. As Apples browser, it keeps a close eye on your internet-surfing, paying attention to any suspicious websites or any attempts to track your digital footprint. You are alerted to any risky links and can choose how to deal with pesky bots. Safari also offers private browsing and doesnt record any activity you do there to lessen any more attempts at collecting data about ;(function() { ('review-app-page-desktop'); });Keep Up The PaceSafari boasts that its faster than other browsers. While numerous tests have proved that to only be partly true, Safari can catch up with its rivals. The differences vary in seconds, and what usually makes you feel like youre blazing through websites is Safaris simple interface. Its designed in a way that you wont get distracted by any part of it for long, so youll mostly notice that you loaded that webpage surprisingly quick. The browser also doesnt eat up much of your RAM, and that contributes to its overall ;Take Your PickWith Apples exclusivity from other brands comes a seamless connection with all of its devices, and so it isnt a surprise to know that Safari can be shared between any of your Apple gadgets. If you were originally reading an article on your laptop and needed to leave the house, you can still continue reading it on your phone. Safari has iCloud to support you, and with your bookmarks, tab view, history, and the beloved Reading List all saved there, switching between devices is HelpersSafari also has oodles of goodies that supplement your browsing experience. You can customize your tabs and specific sites behavior. You can use Safari Reader to minimize all distractions while reading articles. AirPlay allows you to play any video from Safari on your Apple TV. You can make a video float on top of another program, so you can watch shows while checking out your social media. These are just little things, but they make your browsing much a KeeperSafari is unfortunately not available for non-Apple users, but its reliability ensures that it will stay on Apple users devices. If you have an Apple device, Safari will keep your privacy intact, speed up your browsing, and overall make it an enjoyable experience. The only downside is that its not as highly customizable as the other browsers for security and simplicity reasons. But even without that, you wont find Safari lacking with what it offers. Not only that, but it has one of the best customer support around, and you can be sure this browser will take care of you.