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Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes, a revolutionary notebook that accepts the Tips Notes app - a free download tool that allows the user to customize sticky / sticky text and close information about a 'paste' on a Windows desktop. This is ideal for the type of user who has to write everything with pen and paper to prevent irritation from forgetting everything. This digital soft-touch software, he calls it, will be useful for sensitive users.

Simplicity in its function (function () {('app-view-app-page-desktop');});

The minimum requirement is a laptop or computer running Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 with an AMD or Intel processor that has 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM and 1 megabyte of hard drive. Its use is very simple. To get started, simply double-click on a simple notification role, or right-click a simple tray icon, then click or click New Comment. If users want to delete multiple stickers, point the Note button to the menu, and then select Delete option. As an alternative to deleting, hide to see the sticky note that you no longer find useful by pointing or pressing the "hide" button in the Note menu. To resize the cover letter, users must drag letters from the bottom right. Users can also create their own color scheme by selecting the 'color' in the 'notes menu' icon above.

Safe and friendly

This Bad Skills program contains an impressive range of knowledge since its inception in the late 2000s. Well-known websites have received 5-star ratings, and our internal analysis procedures show that SimpleDetails is completely clean, which means that they contain no malware. , such as viruses, spyware, by-programs, and hosts. If you want to change your digital stickers, topics and a variety of topics such as deserts, cement, Christmas, stone, limestone and bubbles are provided in very low coverings. You, as a user, also gain control over the souvenir sound and music topics played to make your events clear. These topics include common themes for cell phones such as iPhone audio, Samsung flute, power saver, coins, Windows 10 themes and mystery magic.

Never forget something important again!

You can now remove the yellow "post office" yellow furniture and place it neatly on the computer table. The app does exactly what it says in the title, and provides an easy way to display important mission information. With advanced capabilities, full support, updates and backups, this is truly the turning point for office games for today's business environment.