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Xara Designer Pro X 17

Cracker site: https: // crackingpatchingcom Product description: Xara Designer Pro X x64 is a very interesting program for creating professional graphics and web graphics, while you can use raster and vector images. For the job you get different effects and tools, you can work with openness, you can change the sensitivity of the brush, get different tools to fill and transform objects. Xara Designer can create soft contours and shadows automatically, you can easily select the object you need and smooth the edges. If you have experience you can create javascript scripts for your buttons, you can also create animations in GIF format, you can export your work in Flash and Dreamweaver formats. Separately, it is important to note that Xara Designer, even though it has a large number of functions and functions, is easy to work in the editor, so thanks to the developers we think of everything with great competence, even a medium user, if desired you will be able to discover and create a good job, both for the website and just for you. Xara Designer supports the drag-and-drop feature, can work with Photoshop plug-ins, the "Website Creation" feature allows you to create multiple-page websites, your project will appear correctly in all browsers through this editor. Developer: MAGIX AG License: ShareWare English OS: Windows Total size: MB To install: 1) Instructions are included in Como if needed. 2) That's it, done, enjoy