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Xmanager Enterprise 6

Remote server management program. This package allows users to gain full control of remote server systems and will also provide shared application access and secure file sharing between systems. You can download Ksmanager Enterprise below. With this product, you can easily integrate all your resources into a unique online environment that users can access. According to Ksmanager Enterprise developers, the program is essential for modern organizations that have a comprehensive network infrastructure. The most important features 32-bit Ks11R6 server with 32-bit windows based on a PC It is compatible with Windows 95/98 / ME and NT / 2000 / KSP / 2003 / Vista / 7 compatible with Windows terminals Multi-screen support KSDMCP, SSH, RSH, REKSEC, RLOGIN and TELNET connections SSH (Secure Shell v1 v2) support from Ksstart An easy-to-use Xbrovser utility for managing KSDMCP connections Organize multiple KSDMCP sessions with Xbrovser Xsart files for reuse in session Up to 128 customer relationships Simple and multiple window positions Remote window manager that works in multiple windows Automatic switching between local and remote controls Supports the background of Windows Ks in many Windows modes Virtual desktop with window 32768k32768 Scroll while working with the local window manager Mushjulstativ Three-button mouse emulation (right button can be center button) Keisim Editor for International Users Ks Event Alarm Support (Ks Bell) 256 supported colors and better color rendering. 256 color emulation when working with real color graphics cards Great maker of flat masks Server Server Support Support for child storage units Automatic font change Automatic pseudo color collection Free file transfer between Ks and MS Vindovs Developer: NetSarang Computer License: ShareVare Language: English Size:57 MB OS: Winds To install: 1). Instructions were added as needed. 2). That's all, ready to be enjoyed