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Battlefield 5 is a popular game in the series battlefields fifth installment. This action takes place during World War II, which promises to make a presentation of war feeling more realistic and engaging than ever ready to go battlethis time of the round, the game returns to its roots in a promise to allow the experience of World War II players as never before. The action starts in the fall of the euro and searched the enemy and find them as fast as possible, players also have a number of other tasks to accomplish, such as building agreements and finding food, although some of these tasks are S MOR and more interesting than others and are not able to quickly Move through reversed (function () {(' Review-app-Page-Desktop ');}); The Perfecciocualquiera soldier who is a fan of the battlefield franchise and finding new challenges must be sure to control 5 on the battlefield. Creating and adapting your soldiers can be a lot of fun if there are many different game players on the toes and make sure to keep coming back for more.

Battleground 1 is the first person shooter, which is set during World War II. It was created for the PlayStation 4, XBox One and Windows PCs. You're probably accustomed to war games now, and realize that they usually mean to run the hardware and metal machine, but not in this game. This game is hard hearted and is very true. There is no experienced explosion until you have felt 1 on the battlefield.

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At first glance I would be forgiven for thinking "Medal of Honor", but play a bit and you will see that there is another world. The game is very soft, and there are a lot of things around you than the game medal. You have trouble in World War first perspective, when your hands are held at the bottom left or right of the screen to start taking pictures. Runs through history through the line, but in an environment that seems clear in the world/sandbox. Follow your mission parameters and get into war and throughout life when you go. The graphics are out of this world, so you need PC games if you use the console. Story based, doesn't really win the war, the thing is the people in it. The story and character of acting seems to be inspired by the movie Battle of Rage.

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As for the battle PC games and taught us, the sound is all, and the creators of the Battlefield 1. Shoot at someone near you, and you can really hear their bones break when bullets fly through. The sound of the explosions is crispy and a pistol and not too repetitive, which is a big plus the first-person shooter like that. The graphics are amazing, but they are full. As with many war games, the face of nature is a little dull. Thanks to the console with the current technology, they can be a little wezatumefanya and face character. Instead, put most of your effort so that the game looks awesome when the war is full Swing. Creative and added a lot of different games when they jump from one stage to another with birds, and another balloon, etc. Increases the game's playback capability, but step away from realism he knew the end of the game. The creators of Tristementelos and congregation quotes the game so that they make sales and downloadable content. For example, you cannot play French unless you pay extra.


The story is a new military attribute, though proven in time, and the game is well above average. EA and violated this bit of money in terms of operation and forcing players to pay extra and the content must be downloaded before they can enjoy the game. ButIf you bought PC games, 4 and PlayStation or Xbox, Battlefield 1 is to earn money.