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Staying a step beyond ClustertruckClustertruck is a unique platformer game where you control a character who jumps from behind a vehicle, moving in a different direction so that you do not touch the ground. It may sound scary, but this truck is irresponsible. When they meet each other, fly through the air and lose control, you will have the time and courage to jump between them and through the stages. As with road accidents, Clustertruck has a fairly basic graphics, but the game is interesting and challenging. When you move from vehicle to vehicle, you earn points depending on how fast you reach the end of the level and the difficulty in achieving the results you achieve. There are 90 levels full of scary drivers from desert to snowy landscape to high-tech tunnels. The constant battle with uncertain physical results means that you should always look for opportunities and dangers. Like any platformer, you can die a lot, but the crash is so absurd that it's hard to feel frustrated. (function () {('view-application-page-desktop');}); Crash and crash again If you like unpredictable platformers, Clustertruck can give you a fun jumping hour. It does not have the correct graphics, but it is simple and clear that you can see every minute of frenzy.