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Football Manager 2018

The 2018 Football Manager is the latest version of the popular popular simulator. Caring for an existing or non-standard team leading to the field. In this year's version, the most important changes in the interface and additional detail tabs. The 2018 Football Manager, like all other versions of the series, does not dispose too much of the winning formula. There are no graphical or visible visual improvements visible and only minor changes have been implemented outside the database. Although not negative, it is considered to be a huge support of worship, which regularly receives the game, some may find it angry. The new tabs on the menu include an overview of the player's morale in Dynamics, more attention to the medical status in ScienceSports and minor changes to the use of transfer costs. The team responsible for the 2018 Football Manager appears to follow how players adapt their interface and use the most popular options as a basic plan. In general, it is certain that the game will be referred to the hardcore database, despite the lack of a real database (function () {('review app-page-page-desktop-desktop');}) ; Do not cut, do not break. Bootball Manager 2018 has a few repairs, which are quite positive. Although he will not win new fans, ordinary fans must be satisfied.

If you've ever seen a professional football game and think you would do better than a manager, you havenowadays tested with the most accurate football control, and the best name is the football manager's franchise is the best, best and good game. You manage your chosen team and manage all aspects of the game, tactical team, technical staff after press contact. The list of players you can join is extensive and includes most of the big football nations. The level of detail is just as deep, you have to some extent control the training, rolling and even the mental condition of the player. The same results can be viewed in full 3D, which adds another layer of information, which should be considered as difficult (function () {('app-review-page-desktop');}), not for the Manager weaker Hearted beads 2019without any doubt in one of the best football matches, if not the best. The level of detail is incredible. However, new entrants can be a bit unclear and player injuries are often much more intrusive than in real life. But these are minor objections.