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GeoGebra is a complex mathematical application for people who learn or work with arithmetic, geometry, algebra and account.

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This is a fairly complicated application that only applies to people with severe mathematics, but the advantage of GeoGebraoffering through similar applications is that it provides a multitude of representations of objects that are dynamically connected. The idea is to combine geometric, algebraic and numerical representations in the form of an interactive method. This can be done with points, vectors, lines, and cone sections.

GeoGebraallows you to enter and edit the equations and coordinates directly, allowing you to delete functions; work with sliders to examine the parameters; find symbolic derivatives; and use powerful commands such as root or a sequence.

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The complexity of the program is incrediblefor those who are just beginning to use such mathematical applications. It's very difficult to understand how to use it from the beginning, although there are very detailed guides to help you on the road.

Not for people with weak nerves

GeoGebra is not a mathematical program for people with weak nerves, but when it comes to itarithmetic, geometry, algebra and regular account, this is very flexible.

The latest version of GeoGebra includes freehand tangents, as well as the ability to recover 3D views (except for a gray set and the omission of a green channel), use 3D Illumination (Shadow), and then clickto "Show all objects" for 3D.


The latest version of GeoGebra includes the Freehand Tangens feature, as well as the option of saving for a 3D view saved (except if "Graiscale" and "Ekit green" Channel), "Use Lighting" for 3D display (from Shadow) and "All Objects" for 3D display .