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Glary Malware Hunter Pro v1

description Detects malicious files on your computer and removes dangerous content, allowing you to scan important areas of the system or specific files on demand. As the name implies, Malvare Hunter is used to search for and remove potentially dangerous files and components from your computer, protecting it from viruses and other types of threats. functions With Hyper Scan, you can enjoy faster scanning speeds. Detects and eliminates persistent malware from potential threats. Malvare Hunter is an award-winning product that provides comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats, protects data, protects privacy, and keeps your computer free of viruses. VirusTotal: Configuration: patch:

Cracker Website: https: // crackingpatchingcom Description: Glarisoft Malvare Hunter PRO is the latest antivirus solution that will allow you to fight various viruses, trojans, worms and other "sewers", as well as to provide the best possible protection of the system using the Avira engine, because this product is built on it. Immediately I want to say that the antivirus program has only two locations: English and Chinese, so using some people who at least do not speak English will be annoying. Developer: Glarisoft Ltd. License: ShareVare Language: English + multilingual Size: 60 MB Operating System: Windows How to install: 1) Instructions are included in How To Do It If Needed. 2) You liked it all