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It seems like this, Bruce Willis is back as David Dunn, Samuel l. Jackson as the price of Elijah, also known by the nickname, Mr. glass. Union splinter is James McAvoy, reaffirms his role as Kevin Wendell crumb and the identity of the couple live in, and Anya Taylor-joy as Casey Cooke, a right-wing only survive exposure to the monster. After the split, the glass looks Dunn Chase has found a number of animals in a series of climbers, while depressing the price appears as an installer that has important secrets for men.

Quot Greasequot; In Graig #39; #39; Mutations to celebrate growing up and falling in love.

Security Protector David Dunn use her supernatural abilities to follow Kevin Wendell Crumb, restless people who have twenty personalities.

Director: m. Night Shyamalan writer: m. Night Shyamalan, m. Night Shyamalan (the character) the stars: Sarah Paulson, Bruce Willis, James McAvoy

After being perforated, Dunn Chase is the glacier, superhuman figure that brizes monster in a series of increases, while the presence of the sad price appears as an installer of the predator he had important secrets for men.

David Dunn Co. travels with a large Superman figure, while bribery Elijah had a secret price is important for men.