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Hunter Killer 2018

Bit rate: 1458 kbps

Resolution: 720 X 288

Frame rate: 30,000 frames per second

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Sound: -

Codec code: AC3

Sampling frequency: KHZ

Transmission Rate: 128 Kbps

Channel (s): 2

Duration: 01h50m


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Show: E.

Release Date: 10-29-2018

English language

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Submarine captain North America does not receive training to support shipsNavy seals to rescue the presidentRussia abducted as a whole.


Author Donovan Marsh:

Arne Schmidt (script) (as Arne L Schmidt), Jamie Moss (script) | The captain of the submarine, who did not receive training for the supply of the fleet to rescue the president of Russia, whom he was abducted without any integrity at all.

CaptainSubmarine America was not trained as a naval force to save the president of Russia, who was abducted by General Hem.