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I Wanna Be The Guy

I Want To Be A Guy: Movie: The game is a purpose built, retro-style rock hard platformer designed to kill you unfairly at every step. As the developer says: Do you have a friend to be with? This game is unfair, but it has been created to say, so it's actually fair! This is "sardonic love" from early video games where unfair death was the norm. I Wanna Be the Guy accepts this idea and recognizes hardship and death. It is a game that requires perfect pixel hopping, sophisticated timing and more patience than anyone seems to have. However, if you like a call, it may be (function () {('app-view-app-page-desktop');}); control is done via the keyboard and I want the guy's little guy to do great: he can double jump and shoot and suffer death with one touch! Each screen has to be learned by experience, that is, almost everything you see will kill you, and then you must remember everything to survive the exit. The glasses are there, but not all Wanna Be The Guy are for everyone. It appeals to older players who remember the hard games of the 80s and make everyone who loves hard games happy. However, the complexity is so great that many players just want to give up.