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Microsoft and the former you can browse onlinewhile a whole set of put options Browse (security, privacy, ease of use) (function () {(, review, desktop app page ");}) ;. New security and privacy options Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and offers many possibilities that allow oral close to Mo, in terms of privacy, InPrivate feature (allowing you to browse unnoticed) favor large and allowsthe storage opensessions have visited pages history and acceptingcookies.eiusNuncOptionsen to customize your confidential information a kind of desire, too, are to engage with your site and security Microsoft and Internet Explorer 9, tools had to be certified and new that we have the protection Before tracking and smartscreen filters provide (in terms of security clearance and certificate your hikes undesirablepages) .Web browsing experience box tuiInternet Explorer9 is an opportunity for Microsoft (finally) to avoid system incorporateaErgo tabs in the browser. And I have not opened the new window on the different travel page, and we believe the feature is really a breath of fresh air for Internet Explorer. The invention is that it took a long time (currently no contested competition), but you should be the most interesting in the browser, which offers some possibilities. Customize the options to select which versionsbe announced on the website. If you want to have an easy way to view web pages or view others in your native language, choose one favorite, and the third does not necessarily need it in terms of base. Extensions like Bing, Internet Explorer 9 will not take anymore and now also offers additional customization of yours Browsers and plug-ins. But donexpect memory extensions for Internet Explorer always give the delay by other browsers like Firefox? Thehowever, new expansion centers will optimize the use of resources for review, so you can quickly see what options can slow down browsing. Usus. It's still a long way, this is the Microsoft browser, which does not doubt that the image of Internet Explorer 9 radical and new (and close) for privacy options, enhancements and security. Special mention deserves the functionality of centerforextensions, which are some names; But with the effortsmy message, competitors toofar behind him, he is the Internet Explorer IXtamen of the head. Chrome is a fast place for most or even FirefoxSystems is too heavy for Microsoft browser extensions for anything beyond the actual speed. Decentbrowser is Internet Explorer 9, but never created in almost a very high family.