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Microsoft Office Word Viewer

Microsoft Office Word Viewer is a useful tool that you can use to quickly view or print a Microsoft Word document without having to install Microsoft Office in a simple installation process running Microsoft Office Word Viewer and an Open File dialog window that displays Windows. Remember: You cannot create, modify, or save a document in Microsoft Office Word Viewer. Select the file you selected (the viewer supports DOCX files through a converter but also older DOC and other formats). (function () {("View-application-page-desktop");}); When you open the document, you see that the Microsoft Office Word Viewer appears exactly as it did in the original Microsoft Word, only without any authoring tools. This means that you'll see the editorial notes and changes if they are tracked in the document. Additionally, you can access the file Properties window, which displays statistics and information about the author, along with others that do not export or save a document from within Microsoft Office Word Viewer, you have two options for getting a copy of the text. Print the document (which works just as you print the full version of Word), and you can also copy the text and paste it into another all, Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2007 is a small and useful free download for H et document viewer Microsoft word D. Although there are no editing features, you can read documents from any version of Microsoft Word with ease.

If you want to open an Excel document but do not have Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office installed, Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 does not allow Excel Viewer 2003 to edit or change Microsoft Excel documents, but you can easily open and read them. Just open Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003, review the file you want to open, and Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 will open it-just like that! (function () {("View-application-page-desktop");}); Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 is an official tool for displaying Excel documents without Microsoft Office or Excel installed.