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My Talking Tom

My Tom speaker is a virtual pet game with the star talking Tom cat and talking Tom Cat 2. You have to keep happy Tom to feed it, cheating it, who got it in the bathroom, making him sleep and playing games with him. (function () {("review-app-page-Desktop");}); More interactive than ever My talk about Tom retains the same basic characteristics that talking Tom cat app, but take things a bit more, it gives you a lot more to do and more casting the role of caregiver. Do you still have all the basic things that you could be talking Tom cat and other clothes 7 talking animal games, that is to say, get Tom to repeat what it says in a high pitched voice and communicates with it, play it in a different way. But the format of my Tom talk now seems more like a virtual pet game. There's more to do with your feline friend, how to play mini-games, customize your look, choose foods and decoration, Tom House with his being chosen. Another excellent feature is the ability to create videos for Tom to share with the world. Get new things with my talking Tom asked the game coins that are taken up, or buy. There is a system of Nivellev where you can spend time with your cat and make sure that we meet your needs. Once you level up to unlock new items and featured in the store. There is a mini-games with my Tom speak, as the whack a mole-, which gives you the opportunity to earn coins, but also meet the needs of entertainment of Tom. How to play my Tom talk Just like that (and Tamagotchis in that matter), your pet my talk Tom has some "need" that must end. Represent metres rounded at the bottom of the screen, gradually shrindled and you should be covered for a specific action. The principle is easy to understand and when you play first my talk Tom concepts are tested for you. Four needs meters: Entertainment (stuffed mascot talking about Tom, or play mini-games), food (stuffed, dropping food to the mouth), bladder (stuffed with, take it to the bathroom) and fatigue (stuffed, leaving Tom to bed and turn on the light). To perform these steps, just touch the appropriate meter icon.

What you are looking for? The graphics and general layout of my Tom talking about is not very developed speech Tom Cat 2. Cats will still look the same (although you can customize it more) and his voice Tweet is identical. It also seems that Tom is the only character who jumps in the game (for example, there is no indication of your girl talks about Angela, or your nasty neighbor, a dog Ben speaks. An interesting feature of my talks about Tom is the possibility to visit homes of other players and see how they are adorned with them. Also look for treasure chests, where you can get more coins. There is also a mini-game where you have to guess what Tom door, which is quite entertaining, especially for younger gamers. Puhrfect If you're a fan of Tom talking cat, or enjoy my talk about Tom because it combines the best elements of both. However, some may find the process constantly attending to the cat a bit tedious and repetitive.