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Need for Speed UnderGround 2

Tell me that, between the need for speed lovers, the need for Speed Underground 2 is something of a favorite. So, I'm saying that all these fans are still playing without this patch, you should download it now because it improves one of his favorites, racing games.

Tweaking sub (function () {(' App Preview-page-desktop-');}); If you are not one of the players who are in the patch Update Records, then the updates of the most games tend to be very boring. But, although it may not be glamorous, the need for Speed Underground 2 Patch adds a series of performance improvements to fine tune these high performance racing games. Firstly, an improved multiplayer game, optimizing the play online and taking frequent accidents suffered many players in the older Windows machines (such as Windows 98 and me). In addition, for players who enjoy runs in the Games room, Patch eliminates the need for Internet connection to local games on the LAN.

New varnish Also include a fix for online name System of the game. If you were unjustly labeled for their behavior in the game, this patch will remove the icon visible to the player warning of his alleged misdeeds (unjustly)?. It's not perfect because it means you can't see people who actually have a mischievous – but it feels just to punish people for the mistakes of the server. Of course, not a real racing upgrade would have been complete without a shiny new coat of paint. Assuming you have the proper video card modes (the need for Speed Underground 2 is now more than 10 years), the Patch will offer you access to Visual Upgrade when the game runs at higher resolutions.

Good setup In Patch Speed Underground 2 is important if, for some reason, you still need to play the need for Speedunderground 2. This makes the game motor purring like kittens in a sea of grass and the cat removes the most serious mistakes that may have hamped their enjoyment of this classical race.