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PDF To Word Converter Free

The free PDF for the Word Converter is a small application that will do what its name refers to. Give this PDF file and convert it to Microsoft Word format.

In Word PDF (function () {("Preview-App-page-desktop");});

In PDF format, they are widely used, but requires a reader or additional browser plug-ins, and is not easy to edit. The free PDF for the Word Converter converts the PDF files to word quickly. . DOC files that you can edit. This free version is really fundamental, but it still allows you to choose whether you want to convert PDF pictures or not.

Everything you need to be able to use PDF for the Word Converter is the input file field that opens the Finder window so that you can import the PDF and run a conversion button using four controls in minimal options.

More buttons than need

All other free PDF in the Word Converter will open a Web page, from "Like we on Facebook", and to "donate through PayPal" and developer home pages. You can also view the Pro version of the application. This is an additional installation demonstration that you can buy from the application. The Pro version has a cleaner and more user interface, many more options and useful things such as the preview pane.

The free PDF for the word Converter provides you with pretty good converted word files. Formatting is not always great, but if you have all the content in Word PDF format, you can easily edit it.

Clean up a small app too many junk add-ons

The only real criticism that we have for a free PDF in the Word Converter is the clean amount of buttons and connections, designed to make you pay for a professional version, and so on. Setup also has many offers to reject if all you want is this application. The Pro-version version installed in this free version also means that it will download more disk space than necessary — even though you can remove it separately.