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Plague Inc: Evolved

Development of the most viral simulator Inc.: Evolution is a strategy game for PCs and Macs with an unusual assumption: you will create a pathogenic epidemic that will destroy humanity. This is an improved version of Plague Inc., downloadable games for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. Plague Inc.: Evolution is now available through early access; These are not finished products, but you can test improvements as they develop. You can download Plague Inc: Evolution on Steam, but we can't get it for free even though we're not done.

(function () {('review-app-page-desktop');}); What's new in Plague Inc.: Evolution? Plague Inc.: Evolution invites you to create new pathogens (SoftonicPedia explains: "causes or causes diseases"). After you contaminate your Zero Patient with your creation, you must manage the development of your pathogen to ensure its spread throughout the world. For example, if your pathogen is too deadly, before it spreads sufficiently, scientists will detect it, and then the infection will be very local, it will be easy for them to eliminate it. In this game, the time of your action is as important or more important than the action itself. You have several types of outbreaks that you want, each with different abilities: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, nanoviruses, biological weapons and prions. Some of them may not know you, but believe us: after many epidemics you will become a pathogen. Although you have many things to consider (features, climate, health infrastructure, statistics, DNA results, government activities), Plague Inc.: Evolution is very easy to play, especially if we consider that this version has an improved game engine. The screen showing the spread of your pathogen around the world is not only more beautiful than the cellular version: on PCs and Macs, it will be much easier for you to interpret all the transmitted information. Plague Inc.: Evolution contains 18 official scenarios. This scenario offers unique conditions. For example, the "Black Death" scenario mimics the famous bubonic plague that hit Europe and calls you to adapt to modern times. Are you afraid that 18 scenarios will not be enough? Plague Inc. version on the PC has a unique feature that will please you: content creation. Users can create their own scenarios and share them with other users through the Steam Workshop. Not only can you download this mission for free, but also test pathogens that are born from the thoughts of other people who bother you. For example, one of the most-downloaded extensions is Plague Inc: Evolution Rise of the Xenomorphs, which invites you to control and infect / attack the famous Ridens Scott Aliens. Plague Inc.: The evolution will include competitive and collaborative multiplayer when the final version comes out. Multiplayer will be one of the biggest differences compared to the mobile version.

Crime Simulator The most surprising aspect of the game in Plague Inc.: Evolution is to discover how frustrated you will feel if 3% of the world's population survives an infection. "Damn, I forgot to strengthen my mushroom so that it quickly closes the host's airway!" And then you will understand the truth behind Plague Inc.: That's the psychopath simulatoror mad scientist. Plague Inc: Evolution is incomplete. We still need to test some of its exclusive content, such as multiplayer. However, if you're fascinated by the principle of being a bad virus writer, continue: Download Plague Inc.: Evolution now, even if it's incomplete. It has enough content to entertain you and the crimes you bring through your veins as a future virus that you create.