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Pokemon: Revolution

Pokemon: Revolution is a game for Windows that allows you to try to catch everything. Pokemon is a popular card and television game created in Japan in 1996. According to popular characters, many video games and computer games are created using visual language and background history of the original franchise. Pokemon: The revolution is one of (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');}); In Pokemon: Revolution, the user plays Pokmon trainer. TheYour goal is to create a Pokemon with different shapes, sizes to collect risk levels in this way, can be trained to fight. Along the way you can meet other trainers, master Pokmon, who are incredibly skilled in training or even with the enemies you must fight. In addition, you can make basic conversations or receive instructions from other NPC (non-playing characters)in: The revolution can be fun to play for awhile, but the graphic representation is pretty simple and blocked. It's easy to characterize your character, but none of the features that set him apart from other game fans, he's likely to try Pokemon: Revolution.