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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of the popular Konami game for Windows. Although PES 2013 looks similar to Pro Evoultion Soccer 2012, it includes some changes designed to improve gameplay and graphics.

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The gameplay in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is more manual than previous versions, making it look like the right soccer simulation,Rather than PES 2012, the game-type action, although some of the elements that have been inspired by FIFA 12, are nothing good.


The strict control system of PES 2012 has been improved for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Konami developers call the new control system PESFullControl has the first touch interface feature, where players can trap the ball using thebuttonR2 to control the ball immediately.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 offers self-reliance, and manual usage is recommended for the first game, allowing you to adjust the height and strength of each. FullControl also adds dribbling, slows player speed and allows players to add different models to their close controls using the R2 button.

Manual control by the system automaticallyFullControl in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 certainly makes for a better playing experience, which will enjoy experienced PES fans. However, students can also take and play games without problems.

Tactical screens from the previous version have not been added - and it still feels a bit weak. Because of this,Changes in the strategy in the game are made much cooler by the fact that the coachappears in a small box at the corner of the screen that will screw the instructions when you call him.

There are also a number of films in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 that make it easy to score. For example, you can be protected without difficulty by combining between balls/ chip.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 focuses on adding the similarity of players so players in the game have taken their real partnership - a system called 'PlayerID' by developers. Famous players will run, spin, trap, move balls and celebrate even if they do in real life.

In terms of player similarity,PES 2013 is the most realistic thing we've seen from football - even better than FIFA 12. All photos in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 are beautiful, from a complete team to a complete setof shoes and shoes.

Unfortunately, the player's movements in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 are uncomfortable in many places. How the player turned out to be annoying and unrealistic and those who were throwing in were too much andjerky. In fact, proper updates for visitors from previous versions do not seem to work at all - a goal that seems to be more dangerous than before!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 engine is very impressive; You focus on how the player is up and how it influences your movement(Freedom). However, it is still far behind FIFA's machine in terms of the extent of animation protests.


Those who are frustrated with PES 2012 will be comforted by the changes that are occurring in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, but there are also a lot of improvementsin the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a good quality soccer ball that looks good and now gives you more control than before.gameplay.