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Experience the sea in this multiplayer video game Raft is the first survival game that lets you experience the dangers and feelings of adventure at sea. The raft was developed by RedBeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games and offers single player and online multiplayer mode. This time, your virtual life will face the ocean and you will have to collect, create and fight for safety in an increasingly hostile environment.

Video Progress Progress is a sub-genre of action genre. They are constantly embedded in hostile environments, often with open world exploration, which require only a few articles and quickly think about how you can save your life. Sometimes a subgenre will mix with other people, like the usual horror in a zombie apocalypse game. However, most of the time, you'll find survival games that feature real life, such as being trapped in a dangerous forest or crashing; (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');}); The basic elements are mostly the same. You can interact with most of what you see and gather valuable resources to help you survive in all situations. In the foreground, the Raft is no different, and thanks to its place in the world's great waters, you need all your skills to compete with the oceans. The raft, known as the epic ocean adventure, offers the classic live adventure you need to experience. You start catching small buoys in the middle of the sea, using only old plastic hooks as a tool. You need to use it to always pick up a bunch of junk floating next to you because there is no other source of material you will have access to;

From wood to plastic bottles - everything can be useful for you. The more you sail, the more your equipment will grow. And of course more so that it gives you the opportunity to create and build the tools, objects and structures you need, even while improving your fleet. You'll eventually discover mysterious islands and floating boats, and you can explore and collect more;

In addition, Raft contains stories that let you find clues about what's happening to the world and to others. However, the great thing about Raft is that you can also work with friends online rather than solo. With dangerous weather and aggressive animals like sharks, it is very helpful for someone to see your ocean too big. There are a lot of games for some players that are usually not good because of the player base. However, Raft stands out because it promotes friendship and teamwork, not competition for those who will survive longer in the watery world. Exploring the open world motivates you to brave and explore the unknown, so if you're a fan of this type of game, this is a highly recommended title to try with your friends.