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Simple Sticky Notes

Simple sticky Notes are a sophisticated free download tool that allows the user to design sticky digital/mail that notes and virtually "paste" the annotations into a Windows desktop. It is absolutely ideal for the type of user who must run everything with pencil and paper to avoid the hassle of forgetting everything. This simplified digital mail program will inevitably simplify to being of tremendous use to the absent users.

Simplicity in its (function () {(' Review-app-page-Desktop ');}); Your minimum requirements are operating system Windows XP/Vista/8 10 laptop or PC with a minimum of 1GHz AMD or Intel Core processor and 512 MB of RAM and 1 megabyte of disk space. It is very easy to use. To begin with, a user simply double click on the sticky diagram of the simple employees, or you click on the tray icon with the right mouse button for a simple sticky note. If users want to delete some sticky notes, simply point to the "note button" in the menu and then choose the "delete" option. As an alternative to deletion, view an embroidery note that no longer thinks is useful by pointing to the note or by clicking the "Hide Button" in the menu. To change the size of the additional note, users should pull and pull it from the lower-right corner. Users can also create the color scheme to their own individual preferences by selecting "Color" in the above Notes menu icon.

Safe and easy to use This simple Sticky Notes program has garnered an impressive range of awards since its debut at the end of the years 2000. Well-known websites have given the program a coveted 5-star rating, and our internal analysis techniques show that sticky simple notes is completely clean, meaning it contains no traces of malware, for example, virus, Spyware, Backdoor and Trojan horses. . If you want to personalize your digital sticky notes, you will be offered varied and varied themes such as desert, concrete, Christmas, stone, lime and bubbles in a wide portfolio of covers. You as a user are also in control of the memory sounds and musical themes that are played to commemorate the selected events. These topics include cell phone themes known as the sound of the IPhone theme, the Samsung whistle, the Upsound Power, coins, the theme of Windows 10 Bell and the Secret jam.

Never forget anything important again! Now you get rid of the post-its yellow irritant clutter of office furniture and now they have neatly arranged on the desk of your vending machine. The program does exactly what the title says by providing an easy-to-use way to mark mission-critical notes. With the latest features full of support, upgrades and backups, it really is an office game changer for the modern business environment.