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Sonma Typing Expert

Sonma Classification-an application expert for speakers of Hindi/English who want to improve their speed of typed and both languages. Using different alphabets, it can be difficult for bilingual typists to score quickly and accurately in both languages, even if they are free when it comes to a Workssonma writing experts draw the difference between standard English QWERTY Keyboard and numerical keyboard Hindi; This program is designed to give users the opportunity to practice their skills and views, restrict the use of the Internet and typing. The program consists of exercises to improve speed. These exercises get into trouble with introducing the letters into the groups of words and phrases then simple and complex. Users can switch between languages and physical exercises, offering statistics for recording precision and speed programs so users can assess their performance and improve outcomes. These statistics can be printed with the user's name at the top of the work program. The program also allows users to manually configure the duration of the test to set the target (function () {(' app review-Page-desktop ');}); Verdict The difficulty faced with bilingual individuals to adapt to different types of keyboard is rare to see, so happy that Sonma writing expert was designed is the address. Although this program is simple, it works well in improving keyboard speed and accuracy in the language.