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Keeping your password safe is the best way to keep your information safe, not stored on commercial banners. Steganos Password Manager is designed to give you an easy and secure place to save your password with a password protection password, which can store your website address with a username and password.Program information is encrypted when closed, so to unlock the application (feature) {(review of the app desktop page)}} Every application that you need to have a primary password must remember!Data is arranged in a tree in Windows. There are no saved passwords for each application. Each item contains descriptions, user names, passwords, URLs and logging tables, which can contain files. When you enter the information,You can open the page in your browser in the Steganos password manager. Then drag and drop you can use this button to complete the mouse-related data. Awkward, there is also a virtual keyboard for accessing information so you can save your data without having to.keylogger. The interface is easy to use and you can enter your password by right-clicking the password in the password - if you use Internet Explorer. Auto-follow is not available for Firefox. You have to drag and drop supportFirefox. Steganos Password Manager remains secure and well-designed programs make your data secure.