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Suspiria 2018

Young American dancer Susie Bannion arrived in Berlin in the 1970s, Helena Markos Dance Co. When he reflected on the role of the main dancer, he replaced the broken woman and became a magical police director. At the same time,Interesting psychologists and group members showed dark secrets and horror in the depths of the hidden studio studio room.

Director of the Blue Dance Company's Corporate Director, Art Director,Some young dancers and some great psychologists will give the anniversary. Others will wake up.


Author Luca Guadagnino:

Dario Argento (character), Daria Nicolodi (character) | Darkness is in the center of a worldwide dance company,Director of Arts, Young Dancers, and Psychologists. Some will give the anniversary. Others will wake up.

When the darkness was built in the center of the dance company around the world, the director of art(Swinton), a New American Youth Team (Johnson), and a sharp psychotherapist (Ebersdorf) went into the blood cauchemma.