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Chicken Invaders

Chicken Invaders is a game shoot-em-up free space that presents a weird and weird spin on the classic Space Invaders. In this game you take on

The ship's team is charged with protecting the Earth from wave after a wave of intergalactic poultry. By avoiding egg, explosive chicken thighs you will collect and battle your way through the game Unlimited.

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There are not so many chicken invaders games: Classic funny Reskin shoot-em-up, with all the features you expect from it. As you progress, you will find a gift that allows you to upgrade your

Comes with a new and more powerful weapon. Blast the chicken enough and you'll be rewarded with dricksticks. Collect hips can get

A powerful rocket that will allow you to pass a very difficult part. Each level consists of ten waves; At the end of each dozen waves, you will fight the boss, after which you will strain to the next level.

That's it, more or less: it's a traditional arcade-style game without stories, characters, gameplay or wrinkles. Weirdness added your aim in the hen to provide the entire air thing is amazing;

Sometimes just the best

Chicken Invaders is a very simple arcade-classic game given the transformation of the late 90, which is amazing. Simple, but it is still amazing fun and interesting how far a bit of time here and


Chicken Invaders 5 is a frantic shooting game where taking hordes of intergalactic invader chickens is the only way to save precious our land! With smart graphics, and animated, based on action space shooting has never been a lot of fun. Climb aboard your ship to remove the Invaderschicken Invaders 5 seats you in the cockpit of your spaceship, while alien chicken has invaded the Earth. The game is basically a high-octane shooting game with funny cartoons as a twist. Actions that can really be very intense, as up to 200 chickens can be on screen at one time, all just waiting toBe eliminated. In addition to only defend the planet, players can travel 12 star systems that are unique to fight the waves of intergalactic chickens. Cooperative mode allows up to 3 other players to help you destroy the invaders. There are other missions to take, as well as a wide range of weapons upgrades and unlock (a feature (' Review-App-page-Desktop ');}); I unprune shoot Actionchicken invaders 5 is a game of action triggers, where you shoot down wave after wave of furry invaders is the goal. There are some epic boss fights to strive for, and this is especially fun when played along with one or two. Very bright, panic, and it's really pretty funny, with full-color graphics and a unique orchestral soundtrack.