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Skype-free messaging and messaging is a communication tool that connects people from all over the world via voice and video calls as well as text messaging. This allows the user to send files as well. It is compatible with all types of files and can handle up to 300 MB at a time. There are purchase options that allow the Skype app to make calls and phone numbers instead of your traditional service connection (function () {('pre-app-desktop-page-app');}); Skype is a popular choice for anyone who wants to connect with others, whether for business or distant families. This service can reduce the cost you put on regular calls and orders if you both have an application and are registered. Microsoft used Skype in 2011 and made the service a popular communication tool. To use Skype, you must register or use your existing Microsoft account. If you use an existing account, other services will be synchronized with your Skype profile. This application will use the same amount of computer resources while you work, making it better than Discord or Teamspeak for any lower class service provider or computer user. Skype is available on all devices and making users add addresses is a very simple task. With the latest version of Skype that speaks globally as a global communication tool can send messages and initiate voice or video calls with people and groups. You only need a few things before you start; account and add a new address. Once this is done, you can start a call to listen to Skype voice commands, which will be lost if the recipient does not answer. To avoid offline or busy calls, you can monitor their status. Your little finger with color and image can also be wet to avoid unwanted conversations. Send more messages After installing Skype and connecting to contacts, you can send files with your messages. The only limit you can send is file size, which covers up to 300 MB. Whether it's photos, videos, game storage, modes or working documents, team members or individual contacts will get it without difficulty, unlike Discord. Create an account before you start using the new Skype download you need an account. Make it easy and require your mobile number or email address. Once you have entered the information, you need to determine the password, it is better to use it to prevent the theft of information. Creating a new account also requires your name and last name before the process can be completed. Finally, the email or phone number you use must be verified. Also annoying to reduce the number of accounts in service. Introduce yourself You can upload your Skype profile picture as soon as you open the application. This image is the main scene during a voice call and can help you identify who is talking on the group phone. Skype also has a small number of situations that allow you to tell your friends what's going on in your life. This is a great service for gaming operators who are looking forward to playing together or warning teammates that you are in a meeting or have canceled the day. Long charging time The charging screen that appears when you start Skype for the first time is often an annoying experience. You will seethis screen again each time the application is started and sometimes while switching between tabs or addresses in the menu. Directly to your phone There are many ways to use Skype from your regular phone. If it is a payment or registration, you can use the register to make or make calls as long as you have an internet connection. Alternative software Although Skype is a popular communication tool, it's not just now. Depending on your needs, you can find one of these most interesting applications. Discord mainly refers to games in its stores and shops, streaming in the app and servers. You can join the server or create your own. This is the social backbone that makes Discord successful. Overall, this is a great option to talk to a friend or community. Discord also offers file sharing, with an 8MB limit, audio and video calling and viewing mode for friends. Teamspeak is another communication tool aimed at players but works on servers purchased by users. The only advantage of choosing a program is that it is easier to use voice chat on a server than with Discord. Facebook Messenger is a standard messaging service compared to services targeted at operators. You can chat with all your Facebook friends and company or business pages. Facebook also has an aging voice that called old age Skype was the best choice for online communication a few years ago, but no longer as popular as before. The service is dedicated to growing controversy, a more powerful device specifically for sports players but can be customized to suit any spectator or team. Between heavy and long charging times, Skype has experienced more users switching to Discord or similar applications. Although the file size is large for you to share, long charging makes Skype a long-term expansion.