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Euro Truck Simulator

If you want to travel on roads in Europe without using a truck driver, the best way to do this is the best driving game for the truck like Euro Truck Simulator. Choose your land leaving, and you are on the way.

At the back of your truck wheel, your missionary basically involves sending one city to another in return, when you create money, you can take the browser to buy the trucks more and more powerful, faster , and with a better tinggi battery. Grafik Truck Simulator LayakEuro offers decentgraphics (no more,no less), dancing and sound effects. Animation, however, is quite weak, just like the overall rate of the game.

Repeating harassment The big problem with this simulation is that it gets fast and fast. Perhaps this is to simulate disinfectant moisture and warned about the dangers of the dropping the wheel? illegal shipping goods, prosecuted by the police, or driving in traffic flow on the motorway must be quite awful (say). The original menyeronokkanAsal graphics gameand original effects and quality is good, Euro Truck Simulator does not offer something different from the game or motor vehicle. However, the consumption of eating with a moderate (valid) interest is usually guaranteed.

EuroCamion Simulator 2 - Go East! This is the first link to the world's most famous truck driver, if you want 150mm rubber or fall into your car then Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Go East! not for you If you want realistic simulations where you can respectSpeed ​​limit and break time, you can record Euro Truck Simulator! (Function {) {('review-app-page-desktop');}); Between A41 and N84Euro Truck Simulator2 - Going outbound! especially for those who like realistic games, as well as those who scare the end in the original game. Remember that those who have not bought Euro2 Truck Simulator-Go East! you can get the Gold Edition, which includes original games and Going to the East! connection. What's in a DLC store? Map of Europe, sefynturn east, as the name suggests. The EuropetoEurope expansion map leads you to the highway, Poland and the Czech Republic, but hours of play with Euro Truck Simulator 2 to explore everything! ContentedextensionWhile fans will definitely appreciate the new content provided by Euro Truck Simulator 2- Go to the East! Unfortunately, developers can not improve some aspects of the game. Fixed knitwear for a game re-play game but still waiting for new Euro Truck Simulator features2 - Going to the East!: The device is the same, and although developers make some improvements, the physics motor does not change much of it with the original version.

New and detailed environments and landscapes The SCS software does not touch the graphics engine for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - GoingTimur, but additional pieces of new areas are clearly illustrated in graphics. Developers have done a good job to give us new cities and various landscapes to cross, similar to the campaigngreat through the sunflower farm in Hungary, as it drives Slovakia industry; the need for supporters, introforEuro Truck Simulator 2 coming - Going east! it does not revolutionize the serial formula, but the new content is of a high quality. Those who stop counting the hours they spend play EuroSimulator Truck, happy to try new extensions, while newcomers can take this opportunity to try the open way!