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Fliqlo is a simple but brilliant idea of a fun and easy that you may be wondering why no one has thought of him first. It is a minimalist screensaver can only be activated when the screen saver is not there. Your screen but also give you a clear and easy time is better for people to work in OfficesWhy Fliqlo stroke genius? For when you are in office often find themselves drawn from their computer Lounge phone conversation Boss and other issues in the office. Some people see them again because mobile phones have made them redundant. Member of the office to go back to his desk and mouse over them just so they can see. and this screen saver, drag the screen saver back. You can see time as soon as you insert a picture a range (Function () {(' study-Application-site-Desktop ');}); Conclusion-Brilliant but still easy IdeaNo again will continue to move the mouse to see the time it is in the computer because you Fliqlo screen protector. That looks when you turn on your computer. It's not the screen size, but it can't be seen from a few feet away, making all the easier screensavers. If you work in this office, the best screen saver is for you.