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Hotel Transylwania 3

Count Dracula and the company took part in a cruise for a beloved sea monster, not knowing that their bots were run by the Van Helsing family who hated monsters.


Screenwriter Geninda Tartakovsky:

Michael McCullers, Genndy Tartakovsky | Mavis was surprised by Dracula with her family holiday Cruise Monster Cruise so that he could rest from the rest of the hotel. The rest of Drac'sPack can not be used at any time. But when they leave the port, love happens. Dracula has metthe mysterious Captain Captain, Erica. Now Mavis has become a living parent, beloved father and Erica. They do not know that the meaning of love "too good to be true" is actually the birth of Abraham's son, the ancient enemies of Dracula and all giants.

In the animation of Sony Pictures Hotel Transylvania 3, Mavis surprised Dracula with a family cruise on a cruise of luxury monsters, so that she could spend her summer holidays with the offer of all Christmas elses in the hotel, and all DracsThe pack can not withstand the labels together. All the giants are having fun, enjoying the pleasure of cruising, from huge volcanoes to colossal buffets and exotic trips, but then unexpectedly as Drac. Love the fascinating Captain - Dangerous. Family balance, friends and romantic romance can be too big, even for the most powerful vampire.