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Inside the Rain 2020

Faced with dropping out of college due to misunderstandings, a breathing university student volunteers at a strip club where he becomes friends with a beautiful, intelligent, angry woman, and they devise a ridiculous plan to prove their guilt. director: Writer Aaron Fisher: Aaron Fisher Stars: Rosie Perez, Eric Roberts, Aaron Fisher | The film's graduate student, Benjamin Glasi (played by screenwriter and director Aaron Fisher) has it all: ADHD, OCD, borderline behavior. And it is also breathtaking. But Voice is beyond his realization - he prefers the phrase "regardless" - and is determined to prove his cleverness. When misunderstandings threaten to get him out of college, Voice pushes back; plans to recreate a video incident using the horrific pornographic actor (Ellen Toland) to clear his name. But how will she be able to make money for the movie when her parents dismiss the plan as another venue? Inside the Rain is a lively rom-com entertainment, hosted by a killer outdoor show starring Fisher and Toland. Favorite convention drama includes Rosie Perez as a passionate love contractor, Eric Roberts as an incomplete filmmaker, and Catherine Curtin and Paul Schulze as longtime parents. The best movie about the imperfections is the assurance that if you are confident, anything is possible.