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The fastest chrome-based browser! Microsoft Edge is a free browser built with the open source Chromium project. Thanks to the latest updates, Edge is now in the series for browsers that compete directly with Google Chrome. Unlike its predecessor, Edge can be downloaded to multiple devices, such as Android, iOS, macOS, and all versions of Windows. The browser runs faster than all chrome-based browsers. It offers additional features such as preventative tracking, custom tab layouts, 4K streaming, reward points and the choice to accept or reject targeted advertising. Because Microsoft is working on a continuous transition to Edge, the best choice for those looking for an alternative Edge network is privacy first! ((Function () {('view-application-page-desktop');}); Microsoft Edge Windows is launched due to the growing need for privacy on the Internet The latest browser based on Chrome Edge is equipped with three levels of tracking alert Level 2, called balanced, enabled by default and designed to keep user data as private as possible.This mode blocks all known malicious trackers as well as trackers from websites you have never visited. By going to level 1, most websites can track you, go to level 3 completely exclude access unless you give explicit permission.This anti-tracking feature has made Edge the most privacy-oriented browser in the switching process, no problem.Like its predecessor, you can download Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, as well as all other versions of Windows, Android, iOS and macOS.After downloading and installing Microsoft Edge, the first implementation offers the option of a key Button to import your data, such as passwords, bookmarks, history, favorites, open tabs, payment information and more. Users from third-party browsers can also easily import all the information. The entire switch takes less than a minute for most users after installation. Although synchronization is a breeze, add-ons are not imported and must be installed manually. While this can be a disadvantage, the ability to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store and other Chrome archives is available as a custom layout feature. Microsoft has developed a design that combines some of the best features of the previous Edge with Google Chrome, and Microsoft has done so with the intention of making switching convenient for all users. The browser's user interface is similar to other Chrome browsers and is similar to Chrome, Opera and Brave. However, there are minor differences, such as sharper edges, layout settings and the ability to easily release the landing page with new tabs ported from an earlier version of Edge. There are three versions of the layout - inspiring, informative and focused, and users can switch between them depending on the mood. The new tab page also shows the most visited websites below the search bar, and you can also update these websites manually. Just below the riveted websites, MSN shows an endless flow of news from all domains that have been in trend over the past 24 hours. Users can choose their own displayed themes, or they can turn off the minimalist display feature. It's pretty smooth. Surfing the web with Microsoft Edge is like surfing it with Chrome. experienceis much smoother and faster than almost any other browser. The URL string doubles as a search box, and all standard queries go to Bing, Microsoft's own search engine. Unfortunately, Microsoft almost buried this option to change the default search engine. Users who want to switch from Bing must request multiple menus or rely on a targeted search to change the default search with the previously mentioned features, Microsoft competes mainly through its tracking feature. If you are someone who does not want to share data with Google, Microsoft Edge is a pretty good alternative. In addition, Edge is equipped with another feature that allows users to install websites as their own applications. Although this feature is not new to Google Chrome users, Microsoft is working to make web applications more native to Windows. Installed programs are displayed directly in the Task Manager with their own messages in the Action Center. MS Edge for mac is also available with these features! New and improved, intuitive browser! With the adoption of Chromium, Microsoft has pushed the Edge into the competitive space of the browser. This enhanced version has features that offer Chrome users a familiar layout. These features cover the areas of privacy, targeted advertising, personal content, etc., enabling users to have much more control over their online activity than other browsers. This is a product that finally has a chance to win over the audience. So if you are looking for an alternative browser or want to constantly change, you need to download Edge!