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Microsoft Office 2013

MS Office 2013, which is being developed since 2010, is one of the star products from Microsoft. One of the key changes in MS Office 2010 is the support for advanced file format, user interface and support; (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');});

Famous programs, new features

With the new reading mode,In Word 2013, you can scan documents with your fingertip by using sensors that are optimized with sensors. Make changes to documents, overhaul and refine to facilitate document editing. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also processes PDF files without the necessary additional softwareproviding it with a direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat.

In Excel 2013, the new Flash feature automatically fills in the selected cells. Excel analyzes the entire table, defines the relationship between the cells and represents the value or the text. In addition, Excel can easily create tables createpivot and tablesGraph,creating proposals in a similar way. With the new Quick Analysis feature in Microsoft Office 2013, you can view specific parameters in a spreadsheet.

PowerPoint 2013 Divide the moderator into two different points for the audience and moderator. In addition to the actual presentation, you tooyou can see the labeled list and see more details on the presentation screen. On tablets, switch between fingertips, paint one Stilus, read on the film or use a virtual laser pointer.

Outlook 2013 offers events, appointments, and eventstasks in all views. Outlook 2013 emails are now easy to use with your tablet, and if you want, you can view it in expanded form with larger areas.

Using touch optimization and minimalist design allows you to use Windows 8

Ifyou use Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you will notice that many changes have been made. The familiar ribbon bands expand only when needed, and is optimized for fingers on touch screens. In addition to photos, you can add videos using the HTML code in MicrosoftOffice 2013 Professional Plus. All apps have new playback modes optimized with the touch screen.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist tile design as Windows 8, and it all seems together. Large, purely arranged symbols are for their most important functionsNew templates provide visually appealing spreadsheets and presentations.

Conclusion: An improved integrated office suite

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus contains many useful features that allow you to use it selectively. Unfortunately, the office suite is still friendly. Manyselection elements and parameters are too small for inexperienced fingers.

But the more features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus are much more convincing: PDF Editor offers advanced editing capabilities, Integration with Skydrive and advanced features such as embedding YouTube videos are major innovations.If you are looking for an affordable option that is compatible with MS Office, you can always check WPS Office