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Need for Speed Carbon

Need for Speed ​​is considered to be one of the best racing series ever made and not disappointing Need for Speed ​​Carbon, with a beautiful style for Speed ​​Carbon is a fast and furious racing game that city and canyon racing environments. But be warned that the download is large and it will take 5 minutes to enable the course installation as soon as you do it, think it's worth (feature () {('Reviev app page' desktop) - Chevi CamaroSS, Lamborghini Gallardo and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IKS) In this demo version of Need for Speed ​​Carbon you can customize the three most important vehicles. On one occasion, you are racing with 4 friends against 4 scorpion motors. There is a large amount of G-Force put on cars as they rotate the earth and find yourself rotating very terribly. But exactly how to earn points for Need for Speed ​​Carbon - as many drives, more points. But surelyit's impossible to beat the leading Scorpion car - they're too fast and one mistake looks like a great racing game that definitely improves, although the Need for Speed ​​Carbon game can be so challenging, may I want to quit.

Need for Speed ​​War is a free online version of the popular race game. siOp The Great School Multiplier Open Game (MMO), allowing you to connect with many other players around the world,with RPG style and improved cars to unlock. You can add new friends to enter a match or match the other one.

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A great open research world

To start the Need For Speed ​​Vorld game, you need an account. Once done, simply create a driver profile and choose your first car from the beginning of a small, not an exciting choice. Likeand every other role, you have to start the race to get experience. When you start raising, you get better cars to buy.

Players can move freely in Need for Speed ​​World. If you relax, you can explore this great world and study new courses or goals, but you can also join the integrated chat mode to add friends. All the time, just click on when you are online and offlinerace. It can be multiplier or one player, and even you can enter the police.

The game is free, but not stats.

Need for Speed ​​War is free, but you will have to pay for any additional equipment. The game has an integrated casino where you can, for example, buy car insurance to protect your vehicle, rent a more powerful car for a particular race or buy power for the one you already have.

Intuitive game

Need for SpeedThe war is pretty intuitive, but the style of the arcade style also means that it is not accurate or realistic. You can rotate at full speed or by moving light, and you can pick up a car to hit stubborn adversaries. Although there is no visible damage to the car, you must stop the well from time to time.

Nice pictures without knots and bruises

Graphically, nothing is wrong with Need for Speed ​​World. Cars are clear and always showyour best side, the damage will not appear, so you will not see any holes, scratched or torn bumps. Sound effects and music are similar to those found on the franchise Need for Speed ​​game.

In short: a solid online race with various disadvantages

Need for Speed ​​Warl has released a racing gaming genre, but definitely enters the new territory in the racing MMOG. The game is solid and its arcade style means it's easy to play,ideal for less experienced players.

On the negative set, other players are free. The rest is shown only as alcohol and you can drive them. There is very little interaction between the players and the sense of the MMO community is difficult to notice, but despite these minor mistakes, if you are a fan of the racing game, you definitely need to go to the space Need for Speed ​​World.

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