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Need for Speed: ProStreet

Although you do not have cars, make sure you love driving Porsche, at least once in your life. Here, Softonic does not include Porsche's gifts in our budget, but at least we can offer you a racing game to drive a virtual Porsche.

Speed ​​required: the demonstration of the Prostreet Porsche Edition behind the Porsche sports wheelchair and runs the Porsche test with other pilots from Leipzig. You can choose between two models (GT2 and GT3RS) and choose between different levels of difficulty, the function of the game () {('review-app-desktop-desktop');

As expected in the NFS series. The amazing details of the car can be seen in images that are reflected in bright bodies. Honest physics was published, whenThe cars and the reactions of the objects move, when you do not face barriers on the road, because they are a bad controller, you are just testing.

Although it may be a small demonstration (two cars mentioned on two routes), it is very fun, with a feeling in real time and a constant desire for the pilot to be the fastest driver.

Need for Speed: ProStreet Porsche Edition generates all the sensations that drive only a small amount of Porsche speed.

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