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Quench your thirst for PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds) action is probably one of the biggest and most popular real battles. It's easy to get excited about, especially the rich and unpredictable games. There will be 100 players against each other in the game. Present on an island full of weapons and other unconventional defense items, not to mention the other competitive players he watched, PUBG Mobile is easily a fan. At the start of the round, the plane will drop all participating players on the island, where the only way out is to disappear or become the only casualty. You have to admit that it seems almost impossible to win against so many players. If you're new to the battlefield, you're probably in bad shape and just don't know what else works for you. PUBG cards are huge and packed with terrain that can be strategically used for defense or vulnerability. Abandoned buildings, homes, warehouses and factories are everywhere. Weapons are scattered around different areas, as are portable armor and shells that can minimize enemy damage and impact (function () {('app-view-page-desktop');}); Getting to know them and using them will be a little more complicated, especially with the fast pace of PUBG. The rules and mechanics of the game are pretty simple if you see it in a letter. Attack, conquer and survive. However, there are more threats to your life than you think you know. Enemies can always find you with snipers, silencers, unconventional camouflage, and even monster trucks! There is also a safe and sheltered area that will leave you dead if caught outside. With that comes the fact that the playing field shrinks over time, forcing other players to contact each other over time, so there is no point in hiding and staying in one place unless it is in a safe place. Happiness Not attacked, but if you want to be the last person behind you will need to strategize and plan your moves. Let's say PUBG is fun, exciting and incredibly challenging. It won't be easy to beat, but when you do, it's worth playing on your computer. The only thing right is that players should be able to enjoy PUBG on any platform available to them, and Tencent Games thinks so! In response, Tencent is an emulator that will allow PUBG fans to play Windows games. To improve the situation, you can play other action games using Tencent emulators, such as Mobile Legends and Auto Chess. You won't miss any PUBG updates and events, even when you're not on a mobile device. To make things better, you can enjoy the game with a bigger and bigger screen! Management is also easy and easy to learn, so you have no trouble adjusting to the game with the longest survival for reasons that PUBG has a lot to offer. More than action and emotion, it also lets you get creative so your players don't get bored. Other game modes include even zombie attacks where you have to defend yourself from the living and the dead. PUBG will have you on the edge of your seat, but winning never felt good until you had the experience of winning against hundreds of other players.