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Robin Hood 2018

Upon returning to England, aristocratic Robin, the poor sheriff of Nottingham, kidnapped the use of his family. He quickly tied up his troops with Brother Tik and Little John, a powerful Arab warrior who wanted to crucify him. Armed with the Arrow Keys and armed with the name Robin Hood, Lockley took a group of rebels to steal their money from scrooge and get rid of power.

Gurutzadunak a difficult crusade and servant The leaders of the rebellion rebel against the crown of the broken Crown with an exciting adventure for action, desert corruption, choreographic struggles and unlimited novels.

Directed by:

Author Otto Barthurst:

Ben Chandler (Scenario), David James Kelly (Scenario) | Lockey (TaronEgmont) Robin from a crusader who is destroyed and his wizard commander (Jamie Fox) crowns the Russian crown against the crown.

The crucified soldier and boss of the servant bravely rebelled against the crown of the crown that was destroyed in an exciting adventure of action adventure. Unexpectedly a wild struggle, mixed with contemporary choreography and romanticism, ROBIN HOOD has become an icon and legend for Robin Hood as we know it today.