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Equipment to record the screen and use a lot, and they have become an important tool in many different areas. From digital artists, recording their painting processes for staff, video recording and a conference call, recording on the screen as a very important tool for people from all aspects of life. Screen Recorder Pro developed by Grmotešeniâ is two in one package that not only comes with a screen recorder, video editor, but also makes screen recording easy and hassle-free; Screen Rekorderin all honesty, between two software bundled with Screen Recorder Pro, screen Recorder itself is the most important program. It has a small interface and simple, but hides many powerful features that users will find very useful. The recording process is very simple and easy. All users should have to do is Select the target record for video and audio folder and output. The program can save screen or simply to record part of the screen. It also supports two track records. In addition, users can easily choose the audio source for recording without going through all kinds of crazy and confusing. Is to record sound from microphone, from computer or: (function () {("View-app-page-desktop");}); Unfortunately, the number of output file formats supported in the screen Recorder is limited, but does not, as there are many configuration options that users can customize for best record. Users to change frames per second and the appearance of the cursor and the resolution of the record. They can also add watermark and set timer for video editorthe Video Editor, also known as Video Toolkit is a little less interesting. It has some nice features like the Video Converter and editor itself, you can Rotate, crop, and ward yaVideo, adding effects, music, and watermarks. However, the interface is a little confusing and hard to use. It also has no timeline or monitoring panel, so you cannot edit video with nearer. It is possible to combine video, but all it does is stick a good video about the video Toolkit is that it can support many file formats. It is also possible to add subtitles and Add opening and end title card. It has a lot of potential, but it would be better if they were simple presentations. Fortunately, the fact that they are caring and screen recorder for the whole process of recording and editing is much easier and more screen recorder, accepted video editorultimately Finally, screen Recorder Pro is a software package. Screen recorder itself is better than an editor, but both their benefits. This will be very useful for getting video editor, but is important if you already have one. You'll regret getting the screen Recorder Pro only if the recorder.